Month: July 2014

Round 11, Round 10 DNWs, and SCCC

Our last event of the championship season is this Sunday at Crows Landing! Make sure to prereg for it! Info: Run Groups MSR Prereg: Click Me Our list of volunteers is pretty much set. We could use another experienced registration person though! Bay Area Auto-X The day before our event is the Santa Clara Corvette…
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Rnd 10 – Prereg Conflicts

Here are the preregister conflicts for Round 10. If you want a different resolution, lmk. BAA post Also, there’s a list of known taken Class/Number combos here: List of taken Class+Numbers

Rnd 10 items and Rnd 11

Round 10 is almost here, and all of our setup crew is set. Don’t forget to pre-register before Friday night to avoid the on-site higher cost! Prereg: Motorsport Reg Link. We still have some Crows Landing shirts left over from Pro/Tour. They’ll be on sale for $10 each. We’ll also have a donation box setup…
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Rnd 10 – Setup

Chairs for round 10 will be Justin Moore and Jason Rodriguez. With less than 2 weeks to go, we’ll need some setup volunteers. So post here if you can help: Bay Area Auto-x.

Upcoming bump

Reminder guys, we have a few great events coming up! Be sure to jump on that SCCC prereg since they have 160 person cap! July 19/20 – AAS Larry Park Memorial (hosted under SFRSCCA) Place: Crows Landing July 27 – SFR Event 10 Place: Oakland Chairs: Justin Moore and TBD Course: TBD Aug 2nd –…
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Rnd 9 – Prereg Conflicts

A small amount of people chose Class/Number combos that were already taken. Check the list here: Bay Area Autox

Rnd 9 Prereg and Upcoming Events

Round 9 is almost here, and there are still under 100 people pre-registered event; less than half our normal attendance. Remember to tell your friends that they need to prereg to avoid the increased on-site cost. $40 on motorsportreg, pre-reg closes fri:

Round 9 – setup, prices, chairs; updates (pt2)

Round 9 is in two weeks and we’re still looking for a setup crew and chairs. If you can help out, please post here: Bay Area Auto-X Also, remember that the run group format has changed as well as the prices! Run Groups: Round 9 info Price for pre-reg: $40 (this does not include temp…
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