Rnd 9 Prereg and Upcoming Events

Round 9 is almost here, and there are still under 100 people pre-registered event; less than half our normal attendance. Remember to tell your friends that they need to prereg to avoid the increased on-site cost.

$40 on motorsportreg, pre-reg closes fri: Click Me!
$50 on-site

We could also still use a morning gate waiver person. Super easy job and it counts as your work assignment. Sign up here: Bay Area Auto-x.

After this event, there are a series of great things coming.
July 19/20 – AAS Larry Park Memorial (hosted under SFRSCCA)
Place: Crows Landing
URL: AAS Schedule List
Membership: SCCA Membership or temp membership required

July 27 – SFR Event 10
Place: Oakland
Chairs: Justin Moore and TBD
Course: TBD

Aug 2nd – Santa Clara Corvette Club (hosted under SFRSCCA)
Place: Crows Landing
URL: Event Info
Cost: $40 for non-SCCC member. SCCA membership or temp membership required

Aug 3rd – SFR Event 11
Place: Crows Landing
Chairs: Isaac Acks and TBD
Course: Josh Salvage