Test-N-Tune, Round 11, and Starting line

On August 8 we have two events at Crows happening in parallel. First we have the SCCA Starting Line. A short description can be found in the post bellow, but it’s essentially a way to get your foot in the door with an SCCA membership, a free entry into Round 11, and a full days instruction.

The other event is our SFR Test N Tune! Format can be found here.You can get a ton of seat time to tune your car or just have fun. If you and your buddies want to try each others cars, this is the event to do it at as it’ll be done in time blocks, not a set amount of runs. Event prereg is now AVAILABLE.

On August 9 we have Round 11! All info about that can be found at our Latest Event Rungroups page.

SFR Rnd 10 Results, Rnd 11, and Starting Line

If you’ve never autox’d or are relatively new and are looking to fast track your progress, come check out the SCCA starting line. By signing up you get: a year’s membership to SCCA, a full day’s instruction, a free entry to the regional event the following day, and an SD card with videos of you. You can also add a Bell Helmet to your package. Click the image on the above post if you’re interested.

Round 10 Prelim Results are now UP!.

Round 11 at Crows Landing is up next! If you do the Starting Line program above, you get into this event for free!