Car Class and Numbers


Your car class and number must be clearly placed on BOTH sides of the car. The material is irrelevant, but the letters and numbers need to be easily visible. That means don’t use light blue tape on a blue car. It also needs to be big enough for people to see on course, so don’t put small numbers and class on your windows instead of the side body of your car. The general rule is 8 inch+ car numbers and 4 inch+ class letters. Failure to properly label your car means you’ll fail tech and be unable to run.

Car Numbers

Locally, we have the following rules: no leading zeroes (no 003) and the range of numbers is up to 999. For a national level event, you’ll need to conform to their standards.

Known taken numbers: Class-Number Combos Taken.

Indexed Classes

If you run an indexed class like FUN, Index, T2, NS, or N you need to place that as a prefix on your car. For example: FUN-AS, T2-SM, NS-CS, N-BSP, X-GS.

Ladies Class

If you run in Ladies Class, you need to add a postfix L to your class. For example, BSPL for someone in BSP Ladies.

Proper Class/Number Placements

Photo Credits: Paul Tibbals, Bob Marcy, John Rowe