Pro, Tour, and Rounds 5+6

Been a while since our last post. The Pro and Tour have finished! The Pro is its own separate entity, so it doesn’t count for any local points; it just affects you if you want to run at Pro Finale in Lincoln. The Championship Tour DOES count for local points though as it is our Round 4.

Everyone who competed gets points, not just locals. However, there are women who normally run open that ran ladies class in tour. Those women will get moved into open and points adjusted for where they would’ve placed. People who normally run Index class got removed from their class in tour, grouped together, and then indexed against each other for points.

Now we finally get a little break. Our next weekend is a joint event with AAS June 10/11. Should be another great joint operation.

Lastly, season points have been updated to reflect round 4. Check the 2017 Results Page to see where you’re standing.