Month: November 2015

SFR Slush 4

Prereg is now Up! We also still need a setup crew, so message us on facebook or post here if you can.

SFR Slush 3 – Prelim Results

Another weekend, another great event. Thanks to chairs Justin Moore and Dennis Quilantang for running the show again. And always a thanks to Dan Pellow for hauling our trailer. We ended up at 101 drivers, 4 competition runs, a ton of fun runs, and packed up before 3:30pm. Prelim results are ready!

SFR Slush 3

SFR Slush 3 is just over a week away. We could use some more setup people. So if you can help, message us on fb or post Here. Prereg is also up!

SFR Slush 2 Prelim Results

Prelim results are now available: here.