Month: June 2015

Round 9 – Prelim Results

Round 9 Prelims!

Round 9

Round 9 is just over a week away. Make sure you prereg before next Friday on MSR. We also still need a few people for the setup crew, post on BAA if you can help or contact us on Facebook.

No SC meeting

No SC meeting this Tuesday, so don’t show up!

Round 8, Round 9 Setup

Round 8 Thanks to the chairs, trailer driver, and amazing setup crew for helping us make it happen. We had an extremely light morning group and couldn’t have gotten started w/o everyone who volunteered. A lot of people volunteered extra time to cover the important spots like waiver and 3rd base so that we could…
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Round 8 – Prereg conflicts and rungroup changes!

Click HERE to see the conflicts and changes. If you have a problem with the changes, send us a message on facebook or baa by 4pm PST. Morning rungroups are extremely light, so we’ll need everyone to help a little more than usual to make this event run smoothly.