Working Course

This page will cover:

Hitting Cones

  • Penalty for a down cone: 2 seconds
  • How do I call it in if someone hits a cone?
    Ex: 1 cone on car 68 CS at station 4.
  • How should I pick it up?
    Run, put it back in the box, run!
  • Which Cones Count?
    Type Of Cone Condition Does It Count?
    Pointer Cone Doesn’t matter No
    Standing Cone Hit cone and it’s on its side Yes
    Standing Cone Hit cone but it’s right-side-up AND touching chalk box No
    Standing Cone Hit cone, it’s right-side-up AND NOT touching chalk box Yes

A Did-Not-Finish is when someone doesn’t do the intended course. This happens when someone exits the course and re-enters it from further down in the course. If someone exits course and re-enters where they left or up-stream of where they left, it’s not a DNF.

Radio Calling
Format for calling into the trailer is: “Penalty Type” on Car “Car Number” “Car Class” at Station “Number”.
Ex: DNF on Car 192 SM at Station 1

Red Flagging

  • Keep flag bunched up and to your side. Don’t roll it up or else you won’t be able to get it out and wave fast enough.
  • When you use it, make yourself visible and wave it rapidly. Don’t stand in front of the car but make sure you’re somewhere the driver can see you.
  • When Should I wave it?
    • One car spun and can’t get moving while another car is closing in on it.
    • There’s a course worker who isn’t paying attention and could receive injury.
    • A car gets lost and heads the reverse direction on course.
    • Something is going horribly wrong with car like leaking oil or broken exhaust hangers.
    • If you think someone is going to get hurt somehow, wave the flag. Better safe than sorry.
  • Do NOT red flag if the course is broken and there’s a car coming. If the car comes to a stop and points, he/she will get a re-run.
  • If you get red flagged, stop and wait for the course workers to tell you to go. Then finish the course at 50% pace. You’ll get a rerun.

With all those penalties, when can you get a rerun?

  • If you get red flagged, you’ll get a re-run.
  • If you see a part of the course not setup right, come to a stop and point at the down cone(s). Then finish the course at 50% pace.
  • If something goes awry with the timer, you’ll get a rerun.
  • Note: If you get red-flagged or stop for a down cone but proceed to drive the course at 100% pace, you lose the chance for a rerun.

Clean Up – People not on course
At the end of the day, everyone should help pick up so we can get out as quickly as possible.

  • Pick up the grid cones not in use.
  • Fold up tables and put down canopies.
  • Empty our trash bins into the locally provided ones.
  • Grab random stuff and put by trailer.
  • Help us pack stuff into trailer.

Clean Up – People on course
After the cars are done, doing the following really helps:

  • Stack up the cones in your area.
  • Bring in walkie-talkies.
  • Bring in fire extinguishers.
  • Bring in station signs.
  • Help us pack stuff into trailer.