SFR Round 6, SC meeting

National Tour and Pro Solo are now complete! Huge thanks to all the chairs, setup workers, chiefs, and all the people that pitched in!

Now it’s time to get ready for SFR Round 6! Check the Latest Event Rungroups for the info. Setup volunteer thread is at Bay Area Auto-x. We need those roles filled to get the event going, and it counts as your work assignment.

The SC meeting, which was moved from last week to this week, will be at the normal time. Among the normal topics, we’ll be discussing the local rules for CAM-S and potentially making a different class.

SCCA Pro Solo, Nat Tour

The Crows Pro Solo event is almost here! Get all the info here!

We just had the National Tour this past weekend, and it was great. It wouldn’t have been possible w/o the great chairing of Ed Runnion (I just mini-co chaired), hospitality of Matt and Leslie, course designing skills of Josh Salvage, and the help of all the amazing volunteers.

National Tour and Pro Solo

The National Tour and Pro Solo are almost here!

The National Tour is a three day event. Friday is a Test-N-Tune, tech, check-in, and early course walk. Saturday is last minute tech and check-in followed by day 1 of the competition. Sunday is day 2 of comp followed by trophies. You can find more info, including reg, at the offical SCCA Site. This also counts as a points round for SFR competitors!

The Pro Solo is the week after and pretty much functions with the same schedule. If you’ve never done a Pro, it’s basically auto-x with a timing tree drag launch. Find more info at the SCCA site.

Also, the point totals for the first three events are up.