New Helmet and Minor Rules

With a new year comes new rules from the powers-that-be.

First, Snell 2005 is now the oldest level of helmet allowed. So all those old 2000s are no longer valid. You can see a full list of supported safety stickers at the bottom of this page. If you need a new helmet, I highly recommend Competition Safety Gear in Campbell.

Second, there are some new enforcements for Minor Waivers. Make sure to check out this page and fill out the form at the bottom for SCCA.

Slush 3, Cone Carnage, Victory Stats

Slush 3 is just around the corner. Make sure to sign up for setup if you can help. And don’t forget to pre-reg!

Decided to do a quick check this year of the cone carnage. These numbers are the championship series (minus national tour) and the first two slush rounds.
Total Number of Cone Killers: 256 drivers
Biggest Cone Killer this year: Me(Isaac) at 21 cones (two big oopsies)
Event with most hit cones: Championship 1
Most consistent killers: Me and Rich Jones
Total Cones Killed: 870

Just to balance out the cones, here are some victory stats.
The top 5 people to place 1st in a class that had at a minimum 3 competitors that day. Championship series excluding tour. Number indicates the number of events that person placed 1st in a class.
1. Isaac Acks (7)
2. Tony Rodriguez (7)
3. Manny Ruiz (6)
4. Jesus Villareal (5)
5. Craig Boyle (5)

For #1 PAX, the ONLY competitor to place 1st more than once was: Praneil Prasad

Most # of TTODs was by Ben Martinez with 3 events. Following him was Matt Ellam with 2.

SFR Rnd 9, Test N Tune, Starting Line

Round 9 is coming up in about a week. Make sure preregister! We also need more setup workers, so please post on BAA if you can be a part of it.

SCCA is also offering a Starting Line program again. In addition to the school itself, you’ll get: free entry into Sunday’s autox, an entry into a Track Night, SCCA membership, and an entry into a Tour or Match Tour. Click the banner above to find out more.

Rnd 8, Results, and SC

Round 8 is less than a week away. Remember to hit that prereg before Thurs night to avoid the $10 on-site fee!

We also still need some setup workers, so please reply on FB or to the BAA thread if you can. Remember, it will count as your work assignment if you do it.

There is a Steering Committee tonight. Sam bat time, same bat cave.

Lastly, check out your standings on the Results page. If you’re looking to trophy, you need to attend at least 1/2 the events this season (5). And we drop 1 event for every 4, so your best 8 events are what matter. Make these last few events of the main season count!

Rnd 2, TnT, and Annual Tech

Time is running out for prereg for Round 2 and TnT. Make sure to register asap.
TnT: Here
Rnd2: Here

We’ll also be doing an annual tech thing on Saturday between 3pm and 5pm. If you meet the requirements spelled out on the form, print it, fill it out, and bring it. You can get annual tech throughout the year if you meet the reqs. Just make sure to find our Chief of Tech when at an event.