No Slush, Trophy List Up, and New Chief of Reg Needed

It’s almost December and things still haven’t come together for any slush events. We hope to maybe have a one-off for fun if something comes together last second.

The list of people who won trophies and/or jackets is up on If you’ve won an award you need to post there or let us know on Facebook that you’re opting in for the award. Deadline to opt in is December 21st.

Our former Chief of Reg, Erik Acks, has moved; we’ll be needing a new Chief of Registration. If you’re up to task and willing to learn how to run registration, let us know! Responsibilities include finding people to run reg, giving them a quick 5 min how-to on site if needed, and running reg yourself.

Also, we will be offering a training class in January for the software we use at events. If you’ve ever wanted to work a comfy trailer job, it will definitely be worth attending.