Round 3 Prereg Conflicts

List of prereg conflicts is posted on BAA. Make sure to check if you’re on the list.

The main issues with these conflicts is that people are trying to take other driver’s numbers or they’re trying to run the same class with multiple numbers. If you fall under issue two, you’re going to find at the end of the season your point total will be low because you spread it out among multiple class/number entries. By that time all points are already finalized and you will be stuck with that low total. So make sure you use the same class/number every time.

There is a list on this site that is mentioned on the MSR event info page for every event, Known Numbers, that shows who has what Class/Number combo.

Test N Tune and Round 3

Round 2 prelim results are posted here: BAA.

Test N Tune on the 14th is open for prereg on MSR. Info about it is on BAA. The gist is 60 person cap, 4 hours of available driving time, 2 hours of working.

Round 3 setup thread is up! If you’re looking to get your work assignment out of the way, setup is the answer. Post here. Prereg here.

If you’re doing the TnT and Round 3, you’re probably looking for a hotel. Give the Best Western in Patterson a call. Just call 209-892-5300 and give the code “SCCA” to get a discounted room. You must call by this fri though.