Car Safety


Car Safety Tech is not only to keep you and others safe, but it helps us keep our great insurance. You must tech at EVERY event unless you get an annual tech from our Chief of Tech.

Annual Tech

Having an annual tech sticker means skipping the normal tech procedure for the rest of the year.

Annual tech can only be granted by the Chief of Tech. You must present a completed copy of the Annual Tech form, show you have a copy of the Solo rulebook, and have been to 8 events in the past year with SFR SCCA.

You can either print the form, fill it out, and find the Chief of Tech at your next event, or you can fill out the form online and present your e-mail receipt to the Chief of Tech.

Class and Numbers

Must follow the guidelines here.


Must follow the guidelines here.


  • Wheels must be properly torqued.
  • No cracks or real damage to the structural integrity of the wheel.
  • Must have no play in the wheel when moved. That means good wheel bearings, ball joints, etc.
  • At least 8 threads used on each lug nut.
  • Tires can’t have damage like bubbles or chunks missing from the sidewall.
  • Tires must not have cords showing.


Must be secured so the battery doesn’t move.


  • Pedals must be undamaged.
  • Each pedal must be pushed down and come back up without assistance.
  • Floor mat must be removed if loose

Engine Bay

  • No loose parts.
  • Throttle cable must return to initial position when pulled.
  • No serious fluid leaks


No loose stuff in the main area or trunk.


Pads must have life left. We shouldn’t have to mention this, but what some people do is surprising.