Car safety tech is not only to keep you and others safe, but it helps us keep our great insurance. You must tech at EVERY event unless you get an annual tech from our Chief of Tech.

Site Safety

  • Strict 10 mph speed limit when not on course.
  • While scooters and bikes are allowed on site, please keep to the site speed limit of 10mph, and under 5mph when in close proximity to those walking the course.
  • No unattended children or pets in the grid area.
  • When driving, please keep all arms, heads, legs inside the car at all times.
  • When working course, absolutely no phones for any reason.

Class and Numbers

  • Must follow the guidelines here.


  • Helmets must have no structural damage
  • Open face or closed face are fine inside a car that has a windshield. Non-windshield cars require a closed face helmet.
  • Helmets must be at least SNELL 2010 as of now. (FYI This will change to SNELL 2015 starting in 2025)
  • Full list of supported safety classifications: Here

Basic Car Safety Checklist


  • Wheels must be properly torqued.
  • No cracks or real damage to the structural integrity of the wheel.
  • Must have no play in the wheel when moved. That means good wheel bearings, ball joints, etc.
  • At least 8 threads used on each lug nut.
  • Tires can’t have damage like bubbles or chunks missing from the sidewall.
  • Tires must not have cords showing.


  • Must be secured so the battery doesn’t move.


  • Pedals must be undamaged.
  • Each pedal must be pushed down and come back up without assistance.
  • Floor mat must be removed if loose

Engine Bay

  • No loose parts.
  • Throttle cable must return to initial position when pulled.
  • No serious fluid leaks


  • No loose stuff in the main area or trunk.
  • Seat belts/harnesses must be installed and fully functioning.


  • Pads must have life left. We shouldn’t have to mention this, but what some people do is surprising.