A Post-Event Note From the Solo Chair


First off, THANK YOU to our attendees for coming out and running SFR Round 1 at Marina this past Saturday! Despite the pre-event threat of bad weather, we ended up with a mostly sunny day and a quickly drying course. The 4 run groups setup with “on the fly” worker changeover allowed us to complete 5 runs per competitor AND offer fun runs at the end of the day while still finishing up before 3pm! Great job by all involved to pull it off, and a special thanks to our Trailer Chief Troy Jennings for getting everything onsite early and in great shape. I would also like to thank our Round 1 Co-Chairs Youmna Zalzal and Justin Moore (Justin also designed the course) for a well run event.


We have a pair of events coming up at Crows Landing on Feb 23rd and 24th.

On the 23rd, we have a Test-n-Tune / Practice Course event. This will be set up so that you work a 1 hour shift and have 2 hours worth of running in the morning, a lunch hour, then repeat in the afternoon. There are plenty of runs to be had! Cost is $65, and you MUST pre-register through MSR. We will not offer on-site registration!

On the 24th, we are holding Round 2 of our 2019 Championship Series. Cost is $55 if you pre-register through MSR.


If you have any friends who are looking to get involved with driving in motorsports, the SCCA Starting Line school will also be held on Feb 23rd at Crows Landing (on a separate part of the site from the Test-n-Tune). Amongst the items you get with a Starting Line entry is a free entry to an SFR Solo Event, which can conveniently be used the next day at Round 2. Check out this link for details on the Starting Line program, and click here to register!

THANKS and see you out at our next events!

Ed Runnion, SFR Solo Chair

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Pardon Our Mess!

Many of you have noticed that the site’s menu options have changed, and have asked where the information has gone. It’s all still there, just under a different heading or menu branch!

We’re in the process of consolidating pages and reorganizing so that, hopefully, the information will be easy to find in places that make sense.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail us or to message us via the Facebook Page.

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A Note from Our Solo Chair

Hello and Welcome to SFR SCCA Solo 2019!

For this year, we have a few changes coming up. Questions? E-mail us at sfr_solo@sfrscca.org!


For 2019, we are combining some of our classes into “PAX” classes to help increase competition. We have also removed a few index classes (X, N, NS) and renamed one class (T2 becomes “STM” or “Street Tire Modified”). As a reminder, 2019 PAX values are published here: http://solotime.info/pax/rtp2019.html.

  • PAX Street Category Classes:
    • SS, AS, SSR grouped to Street 1 (S1)
    • BS, DS, FS to Street 2 (S2)
    • CS, ES to Street 3 (S3)
    • GS, HS to Street 4 (S4)
  • PAX Street Touring Category Classes:
    • STR, STU to Street Touring 1 (ST1)
    • STS, STH to Street Touring 2 (ST2)
  • PAX Street Prepared/Street Mod Category Classes:
    • SP-/SM-/BSPV (on race tires) in the Indexed “SP/SM” class (only change is BSPV gets added)
    • STM (formerly T2) is SP/SM category cars, restricted to 200+ TW tires
  • Carryover PAX Classes:
    • CAM-
    • P-
    • M-
  • Leave the following classes as standalone classes:
    • STX
    • SSC
    • STP, with PAX = (CAM-C PAX) – 0.002 = 0.818 for 2019

Note that there will likely be some permanent number conflicts (from 2018 numbers); for that we apologize. We’ll work through the conflicts on a case-by-case basis.


Unfortunately as site expenses increase, we do have to increase event entry fees from time to time to make sure we stay solvent. We have been hit with a 20% (!) increase in daily rent for 2019 from one of our sites. As such, we are raising the single-day entry fee for a regular region event by $5/day (both pre-reg and walk-up rates). We are also working on being able to offer a discount if you enter BOTH days on a given weekend (i.e. 2 regular events, or a Test-n-Tune plus a regular event).


This year, we plan to generally run all run groups in the morning. When we have enough expected participants we will have 4 run groups, changing workers on the fly to minimize downtime between groups. This format makes it so participants never have to run then immediately work, or vice versa, and limiting downtime gets us more runs during the day.
For 4 run groups to work, we must have a minimum of 100 participants to a maximum of about 140 to have enough workers to staff the event but not so many runs that everyone is still on site until 4:00 PM. Please note that for events where we anticipate over 140 entrants, we will plan to have morning and afternoon run groups, like in previous years. If we have less than 100 expected entrants, we will have only 3 groups in the morning. A decision will be made by the Solo Chair when pre-reg closes, and participants will be notified of final run groups by email and via social media.


If you qualify, fill in the Annual Tech form here; keep the e-mail on hand to show when getting your sticker. Alternatively, you could download the Annual Tech form here, fill it out, and bring it to your next event.

With Annual Tech, you won’t have to worry about getting your car checked every event, and we’ll know at a glance that you’re good for the year.


With all the above said, it’s time to register for our first event of 2019! It will be at Marina Municipal Airport (3200 Imjin Rd, Marina CA) on Saturday February 9th.

Click here to register!

See you in less than two weeks!

— Ed Runnion, Solo Chair

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2019 SFR SCCA Autocross Schedule (TENTATIVE)

This is being released with a pretty big caveat: namely, the Marina dates are NOT FAA approved yet. Note this is true for EVERY club who runs at Marina this year after Feb 1st, not just SCCA.

These dates are tentative, with the understanding that if we do not receive FAA approval, we will have to change things.

  • Sat Feb 9th : Marina (Boondoggle / Season Opener)
  • Sat Feb 23rd : Crows Landing (Practice / Starting Line)
  • Sun Feb 24th : Crows Landing
  • Sat Mar 9th : Marina
  • Mar 29-31 : Crows Landing ProSolo (practice/setup on Friday, competition on Sat/Sun)
  • Apr 26-28 : Crows Landing Champ Tour / Northern Pacific CAM Challenge (practice/setup on Friday, competition on Sat/Sun)
  • Sat May 18th : Crows Landing
  • Sun May 19th : Crows Landing
  • Sun June 9th : Marina
  • Sat Aug 3rd : Marina
  • Sun Oct 6th : Marina
  • Sat Nov 2nd : Crows Landing Street Survival (not an event, will need a few volunteers to help out, being run by Teresa and Erika McKee)
  • Sun Nov 3rd : Crows Landing
  • Sat Nov 16th : Crows Landing (Practice / Starting Line)
  • Sun Nov 17th : Crows Landing

We hope to see our veterans and many new faces this season!

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The 2018 SFR Awards Banquet is coming up!

San Francisco Region SCCA Solo is proud to announce the Awards Banquet for the 2018 season, to be held on January 12 at 6:00 PM at

The Drying Shed
402 Toyon Ave, San Jose, CA 95127

A buffet dinner will be served, including seasonal vegetables, fresh fruit, top round of beef au jus, chicken teriyaki, and freshly-baked lasagna. A cash bar will be available.

We will hold raffles for several car-related items, along with some fun non-car items. Prizes include free mounting and balancing of any four tires; free wheel alignment; driveline fluids; a doggie spa basket; craft beer from Strike Brewing Co.; MotorsportReg credits for use at SFR events; and more! You can buy raffle tickets through MSR or bring cash to buy them on site.

All veterans and novices are welcome, as are friends and family.

Join us to celebrate the champions, trophy winners, and volunteers of the 2018 season! Register now!

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Rounds 16,17

Round 16 prelim results are now available on the Results Page.
Round 17 is the last one of the season and will be on Dec 1st. Make sure not to miss it!

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Round 15

Round 15 results are now available on our main Results Page.

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Rounds 12-14

Prelim results for Round 12 and Round 13 are now up on our Results Page.

Round 14 will have a rungroup format change. ALL rungroups will run in the morning (4 groups) and we will be using on-the-fly worker swap.

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Rounds 10 and 11 Prelim Results

Are now up! Check the 2018 Results Page for details.

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Round 10 Rungroup Changes

Rungroups for Round 10 have had a slight change. BS and STS were moved from RG1 to RG2. Round 11 however remains unchanged.

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