Month: February 2015

Round 2 – Rebalance

Check the Latest Event Info! A couple afternoon groups have moved. There were also a number of prereg conflicts: Check Here.

Round 2 workers needed, Reg closes Fri!

Justin Moore and Mike Wood have volunteered to help Chair Round 2, and it just in time! We still need one more afternoon waiver to be complete though. Post on BAA if you can help. Also, don’t forget that prereg closes Fri at 8pm.

Round 2 almost here

Round 2 is almost here and we’re still looking for an event chair, a morning gate waiver, and setup people. If we can’t get it filled, the event will unfortunately be cancelled. Post here if you can help: Bay Area Autox. You can also contact us on our face book page SFRSCCASOLO. Prereg is still…
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SFR Round 2 setup and prereg up

SFR Round 2 is in two weeks, and we still need setup people and chairs. So post here if you can help: baa thread. If we don’t see chairs by weds before the event it will be cancelled. Prereg for round 2 is also now up: MSR.

Boondoggle Rungroups Changed! Also Prereg Conflicts.

After prereg closed I took a look at the numbers, and we had a huge imbalance in rungroup 6. To balance things out I had to move SSR, DS, ESP, SS, and SMF out of rungroup 6 and into groups 4 and 5. Check the Latest Event Info to see the update. Before Change RG1…
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2015 Boondoggle MSR and Setup Crew

Only ten more days til the start of our 2015 season! Don’t forget to register online via MSR to avoid the on-site fee! We’re also still looking for volunteers for the morning setup crew. If you can help, post here: BayAreaAuto-X