Slush 3, Cone Carnage, Victory Stats

Slush 3 is just around the corner. Make sure to sign up for setup if you can help. And don’t forget to pre-reg!

Decided to do a quick check this year of the cone carnage. These numbers are the championship series (minus national tour) and the first two slush rounds.
Total Number of Cone Killers: 256 drivers
Biggest Cone Killer this year: Me(Isaac) at 21 cones (two big oopsies)
Event with most hit cones: Championship 1
Most consistent killers: Me and Rich Jones
Total Cones Killed: 870

Just to balance out the cones, here are some victory stats.
The top 5 people to place 1st in a class that had at a minimum 3 competitors that day. Championship series excluding tour. Number indicates the number of events that person placed 1st in a class.
1. Isaac Acks (7)
2. Tony Rodriguez (7)
3. Manny Ruiz (6)
4. Jesus Villareal (5)
5. Craig Boyle (5)

For #1 PAX, the ONLY competitor to place 1st more than once was: Praneil Prasad

Most # of TTODs was by Ben Martinez with 3 events. Following him was Matt Ellam with 2.