Author: Isaac Acks

Results for Rnds 12+13, Rnd 14

Results for the last two Championship rounds have been updated and are now reflected in the running totals. Remember, we drop 1 event for every 4 and use the best remaining events for your total. Check out where you stand at the Results Page. Coming up is the last event of the season. Prereg will…
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Results, Next Events, Starting Line

Results are now final for rounds 10/11 and seasonal points have been updated. Make sure to check the Results page to see where you stand now. Coming up next month is another full weekend of autox! November 4th and 5th will be our next two rounds. Along with Round 12 will also be SCCA’s Starting…
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Rounds 10+11 Prelim Results

Prelim Results for rounds 10/11 are now up on our RESULTS PAGE.

Round 9 Prelim Results

Round 9 Prelim Results are now available on our results page!

Round 8 Prelim Results

Prelim results for Round 8 are now up on our Results Page. The OA and PAX pages may be off, but don’t worry about that. They’ll get recalculated automatically once I toss the raw Class data into my own parser. So please post on the baa thread or fb page if your Class Data is…
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Round 7 Results, Rnd 8

Although Round 7 had an abnormal rungroup setup, things went smoothly. 5 runs, fun runs, and out of 3:30. Prelim results are up on the 2017 Results Page. Round 8 rungroups will be posted soon. It’ll be nice to return to Marina and enjoy that cool, ocean side weather.

Round 7

Round 7 is upon us. Make sure to prereg ahead of time to avoid the additional on-site fee. Also, results and totals are updated through round 6 on the 2017 Results page.

Rounds 5,6,7

And with that, another weekend of autox done! Check the 2017 Results Page to see the results of rounds 5+6. In two weeks, we have Round 7; so get ready!

Pro, Tour, and Rounds 5+6

Been a while since our last post. The Pro and Tour have finished! The Pro is its own separate entity, so it doesn’t count for any local points; it just affects you if you want to run at Pro Finale in Lincoln. The Championship Tour DOES count for local points though as it is our…
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Round 3

The morning rungroups have been combined. Please check the Latest Event Rungroups Page to see where you fall.