Author: Isaac Acks

Test N Tune and Round 03

Coming up next is the SFR Test N Tune March 7th, followed by Championship Round 03 March 8th. The Test N Tune is great bang for your back. Lots of seat time to practice individual elements as well as a test course. Event will be capped at 60 people. Registration opens Feb 22nd for both,…
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Rounds 16,17

Round 16 prelim results are now available on the Results Page. Round 17 is the last one of the season and will be on Dec 1st. Make sure not to miss it!

Round 15

Round 15 results are now available on our main Results Page.

Rounds 12-14

Prelim results for Round 12 and Round 13 are now up on our Results Page. Round 14 will have a rungroup format change. ALL rungroups will run in the morning (4 groups) and we will be using on-the-fly worker swap.

Rounds 10 and 11 Prelim Results

Are now up! Check the 2018 Results Page for details.

Round 10 Rungroup Changes

Rungroups for Round 10 have had a slight change. BS and STS were moved from RG1 to RG2. Round 11 however remains unchanged.

Round 9 – Prelim Results

Prelim results for round 9 are now available on our Results Page.

SFR – Round 9

Round 9 is almost here; information on our normal Latest Event page. Make sure to prereg to avoid the on-site additional cost! Seasonal points have also been posted. If you want to check where you currently stand, check out the 2018 Results Page. Edit: New rungroups for round 9, check where you are now: Latest…
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2018 Rnds 6,7

The next two rounds will be joint events with American Auto-X. Because of that, no membership is required and there is no prereg. They follow similar classing and timing schedules, so nothing will be too alien. Edit: Results are now up on the normal Results Page!

2018 Round 5, Updated Points, New Training Vids

Round 5 is just around the corner! Check out the Latest Event Info and make sure to prereg to avoid on-site costs. The Championship point tallies have been updated to include the past 4 events. Round 1-3 were normal SFR events and Round 4 was the National Tour event. You can see where you stand…
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