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2015 Boondoggle MSR and Setup Crew

Only ten more days til the start of our 2015 season! Don’t forget to register online via MSR to avoid the on-site fee! We’re also still looking for volunteers for the morning setup crew. If you can help, post here: BayAreaAuto-X

2014 Awards, 2015 Season, Class/Number Combos

The 2015 season is upon us with the first event on Feb. 15th at Marina. The Latest Event page has the tentative rungroups, but that’s still being decided. Prereg is also open: MSR. The current list of class number combos has been updated. Check here to verify you’re listed correctly. If you were a novice…
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Minor Update

We haven’t forgot about our slush series! We just need to finish working some things out before we actually get a schedule together. In the meantime, if you’re in withdrawal like a lot of us, the Santa Clara Corvette Club will be running at Marina this Saturday and Sunday. It’s open to all cars; check…
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2014 Championship Season Done!

And with Round 11 finished, we are done with the season. Big thanks to our chairs, trailer chief, and all the volunteers who made it happen. Rnd 11 Prelim Results: Here Rnd 11 DNW List: BAA Thread Stay tuned for the publication of the final results as well as our Slush Series schedule.

Round 11 – Prereg Conflicts, Group Changes

There were an extremely low number of prereg people this time around, so we’ve had to combine afternoon rungroups. Check HERE to see when you run now. We also had some conflicts with class/number choices. Please check here to see the resolutions made: Bay Area Auto-x

Round 11, Round 10 DNWs, and SCCC

Our last event of the championship season is this Sunday at Crows Landing! Make sure to prereg for it! Info: Run Groups MSR Prereg: Click Me Our list of volunteers is pretty much set. We could use another experienced registration person though! Bay Area Auto-X The day before our event is the Santa Clara Corvette…
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Rnd 10 – Prereg Conflicts

Here are the preregister conflicts for Round 10. If you want a different resolution, lmk. BAA post Also, there’s a list of known taken Class/Number combos here: List of taken Class+Numbers

Rnd 10 items and Rnd 11

Round 10 is almost here, and all of our setup crew is set. Don’t forget to pre-register before Friday night to avoid the on-site higher cost! Prereg: Motorsport Reg Link. We still have some Crows Landing shirts left over from Pro/Tour. They’ll be on sale for $10 each. We’ll also have a donation box setup…
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Rnd 10 – Setup

Chairs for round 10 will be Justin Moore and Jason Rodriguez. With less than 2 weeks to go, we’ll need some setup volunteers. So post here if you can help: Bay Area Auto-x.

Upcoming bump

Reminder guys, we have a few great events coming up! Be sure to jump on that SCCC prereg since they have 160 person cap! July 19/20 – AAS Larry Park Memorial (hosted under SFRSCCA) Place: Crows Landing July 27 – SFR Event 10 Place: Oakland Chairs: Justin Moore and TBD Course: TBD Aug 2nd –…
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