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Boondoggle 2016, SCCA Starting Line, SFR TnT

Alright, time is almost up to register for the 2016 Boondoggle event! Check the Latest Event Info to see the reg info and more. Following that, we have the SCCA Starting Line Program as well as a normal Test-N-Tune on March 12! The Starting Line program is a way for people new to auto-x to…
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Championship Round 1

We’re looking for setup volunteers for boondoggle!! Post at bay area autox or message us on Facebook

No SC meeting

No SC meeting this Tuesday, so don’t show up!

Rnd 6 Results, Rnd 7, Running Totals

Round 6 results and Did-Not-Works are now final. The running total has also been updated. View both HERE. Round 7 has been rescheduled due to a conflict. However, American Auto-X has events both the 23rd and 24th at Crows Landing! Steering Committee meeting is still on schedule for this coming Tues.

SFR Round 6, SC meeting

National Tour and Pro Solo are now complete! Huge thanks to all the chairs, setup workers, chiefs, and all the people that pitched in! Now it’s time to get ready for SFR Round 6! Check the Latest Event Rungroups for the info. Setup volunteer thread is at Bay Area Auto-x. We need those roles filled…
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2014 Awards, 2015 Season, Class/Number Combos

The 2015 season is upon us with the first event on Feb. 15th at Marina. The Latest Event page has the tentative rungroups, but that’s still being decided. Prereg is also open: MSR. The current list of class number combos has been updated. Check here to verify you’re listed correctly. If you were a novice…
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Awards Banquet

2014 Awards Banquet is now open for registration! Just click here: MSR – 2014 Banquet. Registration is set to close on the night of the 24th!

2015 – New Rules, Awards, Upcoming Class

Happy New Year everyone! Just some quick things: 1) There are a couple new rules that have gone into effect this year. You can read about that here: baautox. 2) The Awards Banquet will be on the 31st. MSR link will be posted soon. 3) If you didn’t opt-in, it’s unfortunately too late to get…
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No Slush, Trophy List Up, and New Chief of Reg Needed

It’s almost December and things still haven’t come together for any slush events. We hope to maybe have a one-off for fun if something comes together last second. The list of people who won trophies and/or jackets is up on If you’ve won an award you need to post there or let us know…
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Slush still TBD

Everyone’s been asking us at recent auto-x events, but we’re still waiting on some contract reviews to finish up before we can do a slush. We still hope to have some play time this winter, and we’ll update again when things finally come together. In the meantime, think about what you want to do next…
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