Month: November 2016

Slush 3, Cone Carnage, Victory Stats

Slush 3 is just around the corner. Make sure to sign up for setup if you can help. And don’t forget to pre-reg! Decided to do a quick check this year of the cone carnage. These numbers are the championship series (minus national tour) and the first two slush rounds. Total Number of Cone Killers:…
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Slush 2 – Prelim Results

Slush 2 went over really well. 5 runs in the morning, 5 in the afternoon, and then an additional 5 fun runs per a person! No rain either until we were already packed up. Prelim results are now up at the results page.

Slush 2 update – rungroup changes

Slush 2 Prereg is up. Make sure to prereg before Thurs 10pm to avoid on-site fees! Find the link at the latest info page. Edit: Morning groups have been modified to balance things out. Check the latest info page to see where you fall now.