About Us


We are the autocross, or Solo, portion of SFR SCCA. Our goal is provide a fun and safe way to improve driving skill and have a blast doing it. The main cone-dodging location is NASA Crows Landing, though we are constantly searching out new venues.

The autocross program is almost entirely volunteer based. That means the person who leads it, the people who work behind the scenes, the event chairs, and everyone else who helps run the events are all people just like you. They put a lot of extra time into making sure everyone gets the best possible experience. A thank you to those people, a coffee, or some other token of appreciation is always wonderful to receive.

If you’re looking to contribute to the organization, talk to one of the event chairs, or one of the main volunteers to get started!



The best way to get in touch is through our Facebook page San Francisco Region – SFR SCCA SOLO. There you’ll find a multitude of friendly autocrossers willing to help you with any questions you might have.