Points and Trophies

For every 4 events, you get to drop your lowest point day. This gives everyone the opportunity to miss a few events a year but still stay competitive.

At the very end of the year, we’ll post a link where you can opt in for a trophy if you want it. If you have 1st place, you can instead get a credit amount towards a custom jacket. Trophies will be presented at a banquet in the beginning of the next year and can also be collected in the trailer later.

Special unknown trophies get assigned as well.

Points are assigned as followed:

Place Points
1st 200
2nd 160
3rd 130
4th 110
5th 90
6th 70
7th 50
8th 30
9th 20
10th + 19 -> 1

Competitors must attend at least half the season. On a season with odd events, the ceiling of half the events. The amount of trophies per a class is determined by the ceiling of the average number of entrants and is spread as follows:

Entrants Trophies
1-3 1
4-6 2
7-9 3
10-13 4
14-17 5
18-21 6