Month: July 2015

Test-N-Tune, Round 11, and Starting line

On August 8 we have two events at Crows happening in parallel. First we have the SCCA Starting Line. A short description can be found in the post bellow, but it’s essentially a way to get your foot in the door with an SCCA membership, a free entry into Round 11, and a full days…
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SFR Rnd 10 Results, Rnd 11, and Starting Line

If you’ve never autox’d or are relatively new and are looking to fast track your progress, come check out the SCCA starting line. By signing up you get: a year’s membership to SCCA, a full day’s instruction, a free entry to the regional event the following day, and an SD card with videos of you.…
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Round 10, Round 11, and Starting Line

SCCA Starting Line will be hosting an event with us at Round 11 at Crows Landing. Round 10 prereg closes in less than 5 days! Make sure to prereg on MSR! There is also a Santa Clara Corvette Club Auto-x Aug 1st and 2nd in Marina. You can check out more about it here.

Round 10 – Setup Crew and Prereg

Prereg is now open! Click Here. Looking for setup workers. Post on Bay Area Auto-x or message us on Facebook.