Month: June 2016

Rnd 8 Results

Round 8 Prelim Results are now up!

Rnd 8, Results, and SC

Round 8 is less than a week away. Remember to hit that prereg before Thurs night to avoid the $10 on-site fee! We also still need some setup workers, so please reply on FB or to the BAA thread if you can. Remember, it will count as your work assignment if you do it. There…
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Rnd 8

Round 8 at Marina is on the 25th, get psyched. We still need some setup workers. If you can help, let us know on facebook or on baa.

Results from Round 6 & 7 are up

AAS/SFR joint event went amazingly well. Points for both groups are ready; SFR results HERE.

AAS/SFR joint event

Next two events are THIS weekend! It’ll be a special AAS/SFR event where you can get points with both groups. All info is HERE.

Round 5 Rungroup change

Originally we were combining morning groups due to low numbers. Due to a last second surge, we’re breaking back up to the original groups to make sure people won’t be working for long periods of time.