I’m New FAQ

If you’re brand new to auto-x, this is the starting page for you! It’ll contain links to most of the common topics.

How can I come play?
Check the Latest Event Info page for the agenda, location map, and preregistration link. You can register on site, but it costs more.

How much? What’s it cost for members and non-members?
Cost Info Page

Do you have helmets I can use?
Yes, we have helmets you can use on the day of the event. Just come to the trailer, leave your ID, and you may borrow a helmet. Passengers can do the same.

Can I use MY helmet?
As long as it meets the requirements here.

Is my car checked for anything?
Yes! We check all these things here.

What class is my car in?
This can get tricky as the rule book is HUGE! It does have a section in back though that can tell you directly where you car falls. The key is picking the right class based on mods. Here’s the general idea:
Street Classes – Can do catback, shock replacement if shock is same dimensions as OEM, drop-in air intake filter, oem wheel size but with +-6mm oem offset, can replace one swaybar, and tires must be at least 200 treadwear.

Street Touring Classes – Intake, full exhaust, coilovers, wheels and tires must meet requirements of sections 14.3 and 14.4 of the full rule book, swaybars, limited slip differential if not AWD, and ECU management allowed (No boost modifications allowed).

Street Prepared – Everyting in ST allowed and more! Wheel/tire size are no longer restricted, diffs are not restricted for AWD, tires only have to be DOT R (like Hoosier A7), and ECU restriction lifted.

Street Modified – Everything in SP but now with aero allowance,some weight reduction mods, forced induction modification, engine mods, and engine swaps(if same manufacturer).

Everything Else – Crazy purpose built shenanigans.

Is there a novice program/class?
Yes! There are paxed classed for Novice drivers called Novice(N-) and Novice Street(NS-). If your car falls into street or street touring, you can do one season in NS-. If your car is Street Prepared or Street Modified, you can do one season in N-.

How does the day go? When should I show up? What should I bring
Check out the Event Basics.