Getting Started

If you’re brand new to autocross (aka: “Solo” or “Solo II”), this is the starting page for you! It’ll contain information and links to most of the common questions and topics.

First things first: check out our worker orientation video to understand a little bit about what you’ll be doing at an event:

Then, check out the FAQ below to see if we address your question(s). If not, feel free to e-mail us!

When is your next event?

Check the Latest Event Info page for the agenda, location map, and pre-registration link. You can register on site, but it costs more.

Our Calendar of Events has the schedule for the rest of the season, so you can plan your schedule further out.

How much? What’s the cost for members and for non-members?

The Latest Event Info page has all the info.

Can I use my own helmet?

As long as it meets the requirements here, yes!

Do you have helmets, if I don’t have my own?

While we encourage you to bring your own, we do have helmets to loan you, for free, on the day of the event. Just come to the trailer, leave your ID, and find a helmet that fits. Passengers may do the same!

Is my car checked for anything?

Yes! We check for everything listed here. If you have any questions, be sure to e-mail us!

What class is my car in?

This can get tricky as the rule book is HUGE! It does have a section in back though that can tell you directly where you car falls. The key is picking the right class based on mods. Here’s the general idea:

  • Street Classes: Can do catback, shock replacement if shock is same dimensions as OEM (can’t do springs!), drop-in air intake filter, OEM wheel size but with +/- 7 mm OEM offset, can replace one swaybar, and tires must be at least 200 treadwear.
  • Street Touring Classes: Intake, full exhaust, coilovers, wheels and tires must meet requirements of sections 14.3 and 14.4 of the full rule book, swaybars, limited slip differential if not AWD, and ECU management allowed (No boost modifications allowed).
  • Street Prepared: Everyting in ST allowed and more! Wheel/tire size are no longer restricted, diffs are not restricted for AWD, tires only have to be DOT R (like Hoosier A7), and ECU restriction lifted.
  • Street Modified: Everything in SP but now with aero allowance,some weight reduction mods, forced induction modification, engine mods, and engine swaps(if same manufacturer).
  • Everything Else: Crazy purpose-built shenanigans.

Are instructors or coaches available?

Yes! We have instructors available at every event to help coach you toward your goal. Whether it’s your first event and you want someone to help you get comfortable, or if it’s your tenth and you want someone to help you fine-tune your approach to an element on course, we can help!

I’m sharing a car with someone. What’s the procedure for co-driving?

Congratulations on having warm tires for your runs!

During their run group, co-drivers should grid with the other 2-driver cars – we designate one or two lanes for this purpose – and will be sent out more often than the single-driver cars. Make sure to pay attention to the grid worker!

During their work group, each person in a two-driver car is treated as a single driver. That is to say, you each have to carry out your full work assignment. You each must sign up for work when you check in at Registration in the morning.

How does the day go? When should I show up? What should I bring?

Check out the Event Basics for all the details!