Event Basics

When Should I Show Up?
-Running in the morning: 8am at the latest.
-Running in the afternoon: 11:30am at the latest.

When Can I Register?
-You can prereg on Motorsportreg when the link is posted.
-You can register on site as well for an additional $10 fee.

When Do I Sign Up For Work?
-Sign up on the worker sheet when you check-in at registration.

What Should I bring?
-Tire Pressure Gauge
-Blue Tape
-Helmet if you have it (We have a few loaners)
-Torque Wrench and socket for your wheels
-Cash if you haven’t prereg’d

How Does the Event Flow?
-Check-in/reg and sign up for a worker assignment.
-You run one group and work another.
-If you run but don’t work, you won’t be allowed to come back.

What Class Is My Car In?
-Check out the Solo Rules book listed here.
-We also have some region specific classes here here.

What Should I Put On My Car?
-Check the requirements here.

What If I Want a 2nd Set of Runs?
-It’s an additional $25, you need to reg on-site, and you need to work another group.