San Francisco Region SCCA Autocross

On-The-Fly Worker Changes

We will be bringing back On-The-Fly worker changes effective immediately. This is especially applicable now with a 3/3 format and will still be relevant if/when we switch back to a 4/4 format. Please read up on this before you attend your next event. On-The-Fly Worker Changes

Rnd 7 info, Rnd 5 DNWs, Future Costs

Round 7 of the Championship Season is just over a week away! Don’t forget to prereg to save time waiting in line. We also still need people to work setup. Post here if you want to join the setup crew: Bay Area Autox. The issue of Did-Not-Works came up last event. It’s normally not an…
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Prereg for Rnd7 open

Preregistration is now open for Round 7 thanks to Glen. MSR Rnd7 Here

Round 6 Cancelled, Round 7 Info

Due to the Warriors playoffs, Round 6 at Oakland has been cancelled. Info is now up for Round 7 Please note that rungroups did NOT move. You’re running in the order as if this was Round 6.

Beginning of a new site

Welcome to the new SFRSCCA Auto-x web page. We’ll be transitioning as quickly as possible from the old hosting site. Look forward to results, event data, info, and best practices to be posted here!   –Isaac