On-The-Fly Worker Changes

Between run groups, you need to transition from one set of course workers to the next. If you have everyone come off course and then hold the event until the positions are all filled again, you’ll lose a lot of daylight time. This means less runs and possibly poor working/running conditions for the last groups. So instead we do On-The-Fly with our four groups in the afternoon.

What this means is that as you get close to finishing one group, you begin sending out workers for the next group. Those new workers relieve the old workers. That way the course is always staffed and you can send cars from the current and next group w/o stop.

For example, let’s say we have our run groups like this and we’re currently running Group 3:

Run Work
3 5
4 6
5 3
6 4

Group 3 is driving, so Group 5 is working course. As we start the last runs for Group 3, we call in Group 6 to begin working course. Group 6 people will proceed when safe and replace the Group 5 workers on course. At the same time, as we finish the Group 3 drivers, Group 4 drivers will immediately begin going. This way there is no down time between the afternoon groups.

One concern is, “what if no one replaces me?”. Don’t panic if the next group of drivers started and you’re still there. There’s a lot of calling in for the next group of workers and sometimes there are tardy people. If after 5 minutes no one’s replaced you, use the radio at your spot and call into the trailer. Tell them you worked last group and no one’s come to replace you. The trailer people will get you replaced and pull you off course.