The National rules passed down to the Region have changed a bit for 2017 regarding minor waivers. All minors that drive or ride as a passenger or even stand on grid, must have a minor waiver signed by both parents. The signatures of both parents must be notarized or, effective in 2017, both signatures can be witnessed by either the Regional Chief of Waivers or the Solo Chairperson at an event. Both parents must be present for this option. The minor is required to sign the “Assumption of Risk” form as well. You will then need to send the notarized or Officially witnessed form, along with the Minor “Assumption of Risk” form into the National office. They will send you a hard waiver card that will need to be presented at every event. This card must be renewed every year.

There is a provision on the form for single parents/legal guardians or parents/legal guardians that have sole custody.

Without the hard card or waiver forms signed as described above, the minor will not be allowed to compete, be a passenger or be present on grid.

Per National rules, waiver forms signed by one parent at an event will be accepted for non-participating minors that will be in spectator areas only. That waiver form is good for that event only.

Here’s the link for the form from the National Website. It must be printed in color.