Setup and Training

Event setup begins weeks in advance when we ask for people to volunteer for setup positions in the Northern California Event section of Bay Area Auto-X and on Facebook. Working setup counts as your work assignment so it’s first comes first serve. These positions NEED to be filled for an event to happen. The assignment takes place from 7am until Run Group 1 for the most part.

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Event Chiefs
The Event Chiefs are in charge of running the entire event. They need to coordinate the workers, get the drivers meeting going, enforce penalties if needed, etc. The only people who can go above them are Safety Stewards. If you want to be a Chief, talk to one of the Chiefs at the event and they can help you get started. We have a Novice Chief program where people will help run an event with experienced chairs.

Safety Stewards
They make the calls on whether a course is safe and if actions taken by others are safe.

Course Designer
The person who designs the course for the day. This person is selected by the Event Chairs normally but that decision can be overridden. The design can also be modified at the event by a Safety Steward if needed.

Setup Crew
These people are responsible for getting the actual course setup. For cones this means laying them out, boxing them, and chalking the course. You’ll follow the directions of the course designer. For electronics this means putting out speakers, timing displays, and timing boxes.

Morning and Afternoon Gate Waivers
These people are the ones who greet incoming people at the entrance and have them sign waivers. If you’re doing Morning, then you’re there from 7am until relieved before run group 1 starts. If you’re afternoon, then you’re there from the end of Run Group 2 til the start of Run Group 3. We have two people do each job. So if you run in Group 2, then one person can walk course while the other works gate in the morning and vice versa. Same for the afternoon waiver.

The job only has a few corner cases:

  • At Marina people need to sign both the SCCA and the Marina waiver
  • Children are required to have a Minor Waiver filled out
  • At Crows Landing, we now take photos of each person and their car’s license plate

Morning Registration
This assignment requires familiarity with computers. The software itself is extremely easy to use and can be taught in a matter of minutes. If you volunteer for this then our Chief of Reg will help you get started at the event. You can also view these  
Morning Tech
These people are responsible for tech’ing the cars on grid before Run Group 1 starts. If you want to do Tech, the Chair or Chief of Tech can teach you. It’s an easy assignment and is listed out here.
Morning and Afternoon Novice Course Walk
These positions are taken by experienced auto-xers. Their job consists of two parts. First, they need to take time when the course is open for walking and guide new people through. They’ll provide Q&A, driving tips, etc. Second, they need to act as an instructor for one Run Group and do ride-alongs with new people at request. Software Docs
Basics Presentation: PPT
Roles Presentation: PPT
Announcing Client: Doc
Car Queuer: Doc
Cone Counter: Doc
Registration: Doc
Time Keeper: Doc
Network Setup: Topology Image
Time Keeper Hardware Setup: Connection Chart
Trailer Setup: Basic Setup Training Vids
Announcer – Login: Youtube Vid

Car Queuer – Login: Youtube Vid
Car Queuer – Adding Drivers: Youtube Vid
Car Queuer – Moving Drivers Around: Youtube Vid

Cone Counter – Login: Youtube Vid
Cone Counter – Usage: Youtube Vid

Registration – Login: Youtube Vid
Registration – Register Driver Already in DB: Youtube Vid
Registration – Checkin Prereg’d Driver: Youtube Vid
Registration – Modify a Registered Driver: Youtube Vid
Registration – Register a Driver Not in DB: Youtube Vid

Time Keeper – Login: Youtube Vid
Time Keeper – Edit Finished Driver: Youtube Vid
Time Keeper – Swap Finished Driver Result: Youtube Vid
Time Keeper – Accidental Finish Trip: Youtube Vid
Time Keeper – Car Queuer Missed Someone: Youtube Vid