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Crows Landing Tour Schedule

SCCA has the schedule and rungroups posted for the Crows Landing National Tour. For those wondering where they’ll be parking, we’ll be using the same area as last year for paddock: NE arm and the small taxi way of the NW arm.

National Tour and Pro Solo

The National Tour and Pro Solo are almost here! The National Tour is a three day event. Friday is a Test-N-Tune, tech, check-in, and early course walk. Saturday is last minute tech and check-in followed by day 1 of the competition. Sunday is day 2 of comp followed by trophies. You can find more info,…
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Round 4 – Postponed

Round 4 for this weekend has been postponed. Lack of volunteers being a key factor in this decision.

Round 4 – Setup workers and prereg

Round 4 is quickly approaching and we need chairs and setup workers! Post HERE if you can help! Prereg is also open on MSR

Round 3 – Prelim Results

Are now available!

Round 3 Prereg Conflicts

List of prereg conflicts is posted on BAA. Make sure to check if you’re on the list. The main issues with these conflicts is that people are trying to take other driver’s numbers or they’re trying to run the same class with multiple numbers. If you fall under issue two, you’re going to find at…
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Test N Tune and Round 3

Round 2 prelim results are posted here: BAA. Test N Tune on the 14th is open for prereg on MSR. Info about it is on BAA. The gist is 60 person cap, 4 hours of available driving time, 2 hours of working. Round 3 setup thread is up! If you’re looking to get your work…
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Round 2 – Rebalance

Check the Latest Event Info! A couple afternoon groups have moved. There were also a number of prereg conflicts: Check Here.

Round 2 almost here

Round 2 is almost here and we’re still looking for an event chair, a morning gate waiver, and setup people. If we can’t get it filled, the event will unfortunately be cancelled. Post here if you can help: Bay Area Autox. You can also contact us on our face book page SFRSCCASOLO. Prereg is still…
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SFR Round 2 setup and prereg up

SFR Round 2 is in two weeks, and we still need setup people and chairs. So post here if you can help: baa thread. If we don’t see chairs by weds before the event it will be cancelled. Prereg for round 2 is also now up: MSR.