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Round 9 Prelim Results

Round 9 Prelim Results are now available on our results page!

Round 8 Prelim Results

Prelim results for Round 8 are now up on our Results Page. The OA and PAX pages may be off, but don’t worry about that. They’ll get recalculated automatically once I toss the raw Class data into my own parser. So please post on the baa thread or fb page if your Class Data is…
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Round 7 Results, Rnd 8

Although Round 7 had an abnormal rungroup setup, things went smoothly. 5 runs, fun runs, and out of 3:30. Prelim results are up on the 2017 Results Page. Round 8 rungroups will be posted soon. It’ll be nice to return to Marina and enjoy that cool, ocean side weather.

Round 7

Round 7 is upon us. Make sure to prereg ahead of time to avoid the additional on-site fee. Also, results and totals are updated through round 6 on the 2017 Results page.

Rounds 5,6,7

And with that, another weekend of autox done! Check the 2017 Results Page to see the results of rounds 5+6. In two weeks, we have Round 7; so get ready!

Pro, Tour, and Rounds 5+6

Been a while since our last post. The Pro and Tour have finished! The Pro is its own separate entity, so it doesn’t count for any local points; it just affects you if you want to run at Pro Finale in Lincoln. The Championship Tour DOES count for local points though as it is our…
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Round 3

The morning rungroups have been combined. Please check the Latest Event Rungroups Page to see where you fall.

2017 Rounds 2,3,and TnT

Round 2 is almost here! Closely on its tails are the TnT March 18 and Round 3 March 19th. The TnT has a cap of 60 people, so make sure to register asap. TnT: MSR Prereg Round 3: Info and Prereg

2017 Round 2

Round 2 is almost here! Be sure to prereg for the event to avoid the on-site fee. Check the Latest Event Rungroups page for the prereg link. Also, Dan Pellow will be holding a Training Seminar at the next event. If you wish to become a Safety Steward or renew your SS license, be sure…
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Round 1 Prelim Results

Prelim results are now available on the 2017 Results page.