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Pro, Tour, and Rounds 5+6

Been a while since our last post. The Pro and Tour have finished! The Pro is its own separate entity, so it doesn’t count for any local points; it just affects you if you want to run at Pro Finale in Lincoln. The Championship Tour DOES count for local points though as it is our…
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Round 3

The morning rungroups have been combined. Please check the Latest Event Rungroups Page to see where you fall.

2017 Rounds 2,3,and TnT

Round 2 is almost here! Closely on its tails are the TnT March 18 and Round 3 March 19th. The TnT has a cap of 60 people, so make sure to register asap. TnT: MSR Prereg Round 3: Info and Prereg

2017 Round 2

Round 2 is almost here! Be sure to prereg for the event to avoid the on-site fee. Check the Latest Event Rungroups page for the prereg link. Also, Dan Pellow will be holding a Training Seminar at the next event. If you wish to become a Safety Steward or renew your SS license, be sure…
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Round 1 Prelim Results

Prelim results are now available on the 2017 Results page.

2017 Championship Round 1

It’s almost time for the first event of the 2017 season! Official rungroups and Prereg link are now up on the Latest Event Rungroups page. If you can join the setup crew, please post on the Facebook page or the Bay Area Autox page.

New Helmet and Minor Rules

With a new year comes new rules from the powers-that-be. First, Snell 2005 is now the oldest level of helmet allowed. So all those old 2000s are no longer valid. You can see a full list of supported safety stickers at the bottom of this page. If you need a new helmet, I highly recommend…
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First Part of 2017 Schedule is Released!

While we’re waiting on a completion date for our new site in Stockton, here is what we have planned for the first 4 months of 2017: Round 1, Boondoggle: Marina Airport, February 19th Round 2: Marina Airport, March 12th SCCA Starting Line School/Test and Tune, Crows Landing: March 18th Round 3: Crows Landing, March 19th…
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Awards Banquet

The prereg for awards banquet is now AVAILABLE! Come join your fellow autoxers for some food and trophy celebration.

Round 3 Done!

We finished round 3 and now our season is over! Stay tuned for news about the awards ceremony and stuff for next year. Prelim results for round 3 are also now up at our results page.