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Round 9

Round 9 is just over a week away. Make sure you prereg before next Friday on MSR. We also still need a few people for the setup crew, post on BAA if you can help or contact us on Facebook.

Round 8, Round 9 Setup

Round 8 Thanks to the chairs, trailer driver, and amazing setup crew for helping us make it happen. We had an extremely light morning group and couldn’t have gotten started w/o everyone who volunteered. A lot of people volunteered extra time to cover the important spots like waiver and 3rd base so that we could…
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Round 8 – Prereg conflicts and rungroup changes!

Click HERE to see the conflicts and changes. If you have a problem with the changes, send us a message on facebook or baa by 4pm PST. Morning rungroups are extremely light, so we’ll need everyone to help a little more than usual to make this event run smoothly.

Round 8 – Prereg and Setup

Round 8 Prereg is now up! Check MSR. We’re also looking for setup workers. Post HERE or let me known on the facebook page.

Rnd 6 Results, Rnd 7, Running Totals

Round 6 results and Did-Not-Works are now final. The running total has also been updated. View both HERE. Round 7 has been rescheduled due to a conflict. However, American Auto-X has events both the 23rd and 24th at Crows Landing! Steering Committee meeting is still on schedule for this coming Tues.

Round 6 Prelim Results

Prelim results are up! Check here! If there are any issues, message us on Bay Area Autox or our Facebook page. Did-Not-Work list for round 6 is also up and listed on the prelim results. You have til Fri to contact me on baa or the fb page to get that corrected.

SFR Round 6 – Rungroup changes

We had to combine the afternoon rungroups, so make sure to check HERE to see the changes. We also had a few prereg conflicts. Check HERE to see the resolutions.

SFR Round 6, SC meeting

National Tour and Pro Solo are now complete! Huge thanks to all the chairs, setup workers, chiefs, and all the people that pitched in! Now it’s time to get ready for SFR Round 6! Check the Latest Event Rungroups for the info. Setup volunteer thread is at Bay Area Auto-x. We need those roles filled…
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SCCA Pro Solo, Nat Tour

The Crows Pro Solo event is almost here! Get all the info here! We just had the National Tour this past weekend, and it was great. It wouldn’t have been possible w/o the great chairing of Ed Runnion (I just mini-co chaired), hospitality of Matt and Leslie, course designing skills of Josh Salvage, and the…
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