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2018 Round 5, Updated Points, New Training Vids

Round 5 is just around the corner! Check out the Latest Event Info and make sure to prereg to avoid on-site costs. The Championship point tallies have been updated to include the past 4 events. Round 1-3 were normal SFR events and Round 4 was the National Tour event. You can see where you stand…
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2018 Rnd 3

Prelim results are now available at the Results page.

2018 SFR Round 2 – Prelim Results

TnT, Starting Line, and Round 2 went off extremely well thanks to all the great volunteers. Prelim scrub results of data is now available on the results page.

2018 Round 2, TnT, Starting Line

A lot is happening in a couple weekends. On March 10th we have the Test N Tune! Details in that link, but the tl;dr is you work an hour and get around 2 hrs to TnT. Then you take a lunch break and repeat. There’s also the SCCA Starting Line. You get training with a…
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2018 Round 1

The first official SFRSCCA event of the season is done! Good turnout and a decent length course (low 70s if you were quick). Prelim results are now up on the RESULTS PAGE.

2017 Champions Decided, Database Cleaned

All points have been tallied and your new 2017 Champions can be found on the 2017 Results page! Also, the Member Database has been purged of a lot of old entries. Make sure you still have the class/number combo you want. If not, please message the admins of the Facebook page.

Rnd 14 Prelim Results

And with that, the season is over! Great way to finish everything off. Prelim Results are now available.

Results for Rnds 12+13, Rnd 14

Results for the last two Championship rounds have been updated and are now reflected in the running totals. Remember, we drop 1 event for every 4 and use the best remaining events for your total. Check out where you stand at the Results Page. Coming up is the last event of the season. Prereg will…
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Results, Next Events, Starting Line

Results are now final for rounds 10/11 and seasonal points have been updated. Make sure to check the Results page to see where you stand now. Coming up next month is another full weekend of autox! November 4th and 5th will be our next two rounds. Along with Round 12 will also be SCCA’s Starting…
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Rounds 10+11 Prelim Results

Prelim Results for rounds 10/11 are now up on our RESULTS PAGE.