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Rnd 1 – Rungroup changes

In order to keep run group sizes, and work time, to more manageable sizes, I’ve restructured the morning groups only. We’ll probably run the karts between run groups 2+3. Latest Event Info

Boondoggle 2016, SCCA Starting Line, SFR TnT

Alright, time is almost up to register for the 2016 Boondoggle event! Check the Latest Event Info to see the reg info and more. Following that, we have the SCCA Starting Line Program as well as a normal Test-N-Tune on March 12! The Starting Line program is a way for people new to auto-x to…
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Championship Round 1

We’re looking for setup volunteers for boondoggle!! Post at bay area autox or message us on Facebook

SFR Slush 3 – Prelim Results

Another weekend, another great event. Thanks to chairs Justin Moore and Dennis Quilantang for running the show again. And always a thanks to Dan Pellow for hauling our trailer. We ended up at 101 drivers, 4 competition runs, a ton of fun runs, and packed up before 3:30pm. Prelim results are ready!

SFR Slush 3

SFR Slush 3 is just over a week away. We could use some more setup people. So if you can help, message us on fb or post Here. Prereg is also up!

SFR Slush #2

Prereg is now open for Slush Round 2. We still need setup workers as well, so please post on baa or PM us on Facebook to volunteer. Results for Round 1 are now finaled.

SFR Slush 1 – Results

Had a great event today event with the lower-than-normal turnout of 83 drivers. We got 5 runs in the morning, 5 runs in the afternoon+2 fun runs, tons of runs for the kids, and were packed up by 3:30. Wouldn’t have been possible without all the great volunteer help, so thanks to everyone who did…
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SFR Rnd 10 Results, Rnd 11, and Starting Line

If you’ve never autox’d or are relatively new and are looking to fast track your progress, come check out the SCCA starting line. By signing up you get: a year’s membership to SCCA, a full day’s instruction, a free entry to the regional event the following day, and an SD card with videos of you.…
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Round 10 – Setup Crew and Prereg

Prereg is now open! Click Here. Looking for setup workers. Post on Bay Area Auto-x or message us on Facebook.

Round 9 – Prelim Results

Round 9 Prelims!