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AAS/SFR joint event

Next two events are THIS weekend! It’ll be a special AAS/SFR event where you can get points with both groups. All info is HERE.

Round 5 Rungroup change

Originally we were combining morning groups due to low numbers. Due to a last second surge, we’re breaking back up to the original groups to make sure people won’t be working for long periods of time.

Round 4 results, Round 5 Setup, SC

Round 5 is just around the corner, and we could use some setup workers. Let us know on Facebook or on Bay Area AutoX. Prereg for Round 5 is also up! Results for Round 4 are up in the Results Section. Point totals have also been updated to reflect this. Lastly, the Steering Committee meeting…
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Tour and Pro

It’s almost time for the SCCA National Tour and Pro Solo at Crows Landing!!! Make sure to prereg and get ready for some good competiont. Tour: Pro:

Rnd 3 Prereg Open

Preregistration for Round 3 is OPEN.

Rnd 2 Prelim Results and Rnd 3 Setup

Prelim results for round 2 are up. I just want to say, I hate all you people in the afternoon with your cleaner surface and drier course. Boom! Also, round 3 setup thread is up. If you can help, post there or message us on facebook. BAA.

Rnd 2 Rungroup Changes

We ended up at 86, I expect a few more but not a lot. So I’ve combined the morning rungroups as follows: . It makes rg1 and rg2 equal at 28-28 as opposed to 13-15-28. Afternoon turnout is at 13-17 right now.

Rnd 2, TnT, and Annual Tech

Time is running out for prereg for Round 2 and TnT. Make sure to register asap. TnT: Here Rnd2: Here We’ll also be doing an annual tech thing on Saturday between 3pm and 5pm. If you meet the requirements spelled out on the form, print it, fill it out, and bring it. You can get…
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Rnd 2 and TnT Prereg open

Prereg for Round 2 and the Test-N-Tune are now up! Round2: HERE TnT: HERE We’re also looking for a setup crew for Round2. The cone setup part takes place Sat right after the TnT. Please post here if you can.

Rnd 1 – Prelims

Prelim results are now up for round 1 here!