Live Results and Next Events

Recently there have been issues with publishing live results. You can see the end-of-day results that get published, but not the results as they happen. In order to deal with that, we’ve employed a new tool that will post live results to . It’s new and will be going through changes, but you’ll get your live results fix.

Rounds 10/11 have finished, and we’ll have a small break until Aug 21/22. There is some concern that we’ll be limited to 75 entrants again as the amount of covid cases rises; hopefully we’ll be able to keep it at 150 like at the past event at the minimum. The Current Events page will be updated as the event draws closer.

SFR Round 8,9

We just finished up round 7 at Crows and thankfully managed to avoid the extreme heat. But since it’s only going to get hotter, make sure to bring water with you to the site and dress comfortably. The next events are in June, so you’ll definitely want fluids and a hat of some sort. Registration should open in a couple weeks or so, keep checking the Current Event info page for more info:

SFR SCCA Solo Endorsements for SCCA BOD and SFR BOD

For 2020, SFR SCCA Solo would like to endorse the following people


CHARLIE DAVIS - Charlie is a longtime Solo participant, and is currently serving on the SCCA BOD from Area 9.   He is seeking re-election.    
Besides his service to the National BOD, Charlie also has served many years on the SFR Solo Steering Committee (including as Solo Chair), and
on the Solo Events Board (main body overseeing Solo rules in the National club).   Charlie "gets" Solo, and we feel he will continue to be an
excellent representative on the SCCA BOD


BLAKE TATUM - Blake is seeking re-election, and has worked well with SFR SCCA Solo in the past.   This includes site issues, The Wheel, and
general overall helpfulness.   We look forward to continuing to work with Blake.

SETH REID - Seth is seeking re-election.  He got his start in SFR SCCA Solo in 2008 when he moved to the Bay Area, and has continued to work
with Solo even as his club participation has shifted more to working at Road Races.   He is the current Solo Liason for SFR to the SFR BOD, 
and is a great person to work with!

SHERRY GRANTZ - Sherry is seeking a seat on the BOD.   She has extensive experience with SFR SCCA, serving many years on the SFR SCCA Solo
Committee (including as Solo Chair) as well as over 15 years working in the Region OFfice until her retirement.    We believe her experience
will be beneficial to the future of Solo in SFR in her service on the SFR BOD.

For more information including candidate statements, please see

SCCA BOD elections will be online this year at

Test N Tune and Round 03

Coming up next is the SFR Test N Tune March 7th, followed by Championship Round 03 March 8th.

The Test N Tune is great bang for your back. Lots of seat time to practice individual elements as well as a test course. Event will be capped at 60 people.

Registration opens Feb 22nd for both, so make sure to reg early here on MSR.