SFR SCCA Solo Endorsements for SCCA BOD and SFR BOD

For 2020, SFR SCCA Solo would like to endorse the following people


CHARLIE DAVIS - Charlie is a longtime Solo participant, and is currently serving on the SCCA BOD from Area 9.   He is seeking re-election.    
Besides his service to the National BOD, Charlie also has served many years on the SFR Solo Steering Committee (including as Solo Chair), and
on the Solo Events Board (main body overseeing Solo rules in the National club).   Charlie "gets" Solo, and we feel he will continue to be an
excellent representative on the SCCA BOD


BLAKE TATUM - Blake is seeking re-election, and has worked well with SFR SCCA Solo in the past.   This includes site issues, The Wheel, and
general overall helpfulness.   We look forward to continuing to work with Blake.

SETH REID - Seth is seeking re-election.  He got his start in SFR SCCA Solo in 2008 when he moved to the Bay Area, and has continued to work
with Solo even as his club participation has shifted more to working at Road Races.   He is the current Solo Liason for SFR to the SFR BOD, 
and is a great person to work with!

SHERRY GRANTZ - Sherry is seeking a seat on the BOD.   She has extensive experience with SFR SCCA, serving many years on the SFR SCCA Solo
Committee (including as Solo Chair) as well as over 15 years working in the Region OFfice until her retirement.    We believe her experience
will be beneficial to the future of Solo in SFR in her service on the SFR BOD.

For more information including candidate statements, please see

SCCA BOD elections will be online this year at

Items to note for this weekend’s Crows Landing Champ Tour

(Please share with others so they’re up on the news!)

  1. Ike Crow Road is in REALLY bad shape with potholes. Our winter rainy season did a number on the road. It’s 1.2 miles from CA-33 to the entrance of the site. There are some potholes in the first half mile from 33, but it gets a LOT worse the last 3/4 mile before you cross Bell Road.
    Figure on going 15 MPH with a trailer once you get to that “worse” part on Ike Crow Road. You WILL hit significant potholes with your vehicle/trailer, it is just minimizing issues at that point.
  2. Please approach the site ONLY from Ike Crow Road. Set your GPS to the “intersection of Ike Crow Road and CA-33, Crows Landing CA” and then go west on Ike Crow Road, approximately 1.25 miles west into the site. Do NOT use Bell Road!!!
  3. Our site and course layouts will deviate from those we’ve used at previous National events. (Those who attended the 2018 Larry Park Memorial event will find the layout somewhat familiar.)
    Immediately upon entering the site, you’ll sign the waiver. Directly ahead will be the Grid and Tech areas. Paddock will be to your right and continue about 150-200 yards. TnT can only be accessed by going through and past paddock, about a half mile. See the map for a better visual.
  4. Justin Tsang and Yongzhe Wen will chair our Practice/TnT on Friday, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Runs will be $10 for 3, $4 for 1. You must work one 30-minute shift per 3 runs. Evo School is using the course before 11:00 AM.
  5. We have a WELCOME PARTY at 6:00 PM Friday. We are bringing in BBQ (brisket and smoked turkey) from Apricot Wood, and the Francavilla family is bringing pasta and salads. You don’t want to miss it! Bring a chair and yourself up to the front of paddock and join us Friday evening in the hospitality area!
  6. Due to some unfortunate circumstances (aka: “THIEVES SUCK!”), we will NOT have the ice trailer this weekend. If anyone can bring some extra LARGE coolers to help us store ice, we’d greatly appreciate it. Lisa and Eric Gnesa (thank you!!!) will be busy making ice/water runs all weekend.
  7. Don’t forget to use #funwithcars and #CrowsTour2019 in your social media posts! Both great hashtags to use if you want to see what our members are up to this weekend.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in a few days!

Youmna Zalzal, Event Chair

Great job, SFR!

The first ProSolos of the 2019 season have come and gone, and many SFR members have taken home some hardware as a result of their stellar driving. Many of our Crows Landing trophy winners made the trek down to Fontana, where the lower-grip surface and slight grade gave us a different sort of challenge than we usually have at home.

Crows Landing and Fontana results follow. Click the column headings to view the full results! (Class winners are italicized.)

Crows Landing Fontana
Bryan Heitkotter (AS)
Andrew Kessel (AS)

Justin Moore (BS)

Mark Scroggs (CS)
Maurice Velandia (CS)

Alex Kang (ES)

Jimmy Au-Yeung (STU)
Chris Mayfield (STU)
Matt Ales (STU)

Tony Rodriguez (STR)

Mack Tsang (STX)
Justin Tsang (STX)

Erika McKee (JA)

Alana McKee (JB)

Karlton Lew (CAM)

Tara Shapowal (L1-SSP)

Shelly Monfort (L2-AS)
Youmna Zalzal (L2-BS)

Teddie Alexandrova (L3-STX)

Steve Lau (S2-SSP)

Yongzhe Wen (S4-GS)

Jesus Villareal (R1-EM)

Andy McKee (R2 – XP)
Teresa Neidel-McKee (R2 – XP)

Alex Muresan (B-SSR)

Bryan Heitkotter (AS)

Chris Cox (BS)

Mark Scroggs (CS)

Alex Kang (ES)

Jimmy Au-Yeung (STU)
Matt Ales (STU)

Mack Tsang (STX)

Erika McKee (JA)

Alana McKee (JB)

Shelly Monfort (L2-AS)

Teddie Alexandrova (L3-STX)

Steve Lau (S2-SSP)

Andy McKee (R2 – XP)

Monty Pack (B-SSR)

Looking ahead, the Crows Landing Championship Tour is coming up in a couple of weeks. (Click here to register!) After the Tour, we’ll have a little bit of a breather before resuming our local points events with a double-header weekend in mid-May. Check out our calendar and keep up with events on our Facebook page (no Facebook account necessary)!

ProSolos and Time Trials and Tours, oh my!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Crows Landing ProSolo! The event was well-attended, ran smoothly and, most importantly, was a ton of fun. Many SFR members walked away with awards and class wins; check the official SCCA results for a full list.

The Fontana ProSolo is this weekend, and we’re looking forward to seeing SFR represent.

For those interested in having #funwithcars on a racetrack, SCCA is launching a new Time Trials program this year. Its first stop? Our very own Thunderhill Raceway 2-mile track (aka: Thunderhill West), on April 13th and 14th.

Drivers are grouped by experience level, and most autocross cars have a competitive place to play within the car preparation categories: Sport, Tuner, Max, and Unlimited. Everyone from brand-new drivers in new cars to seasoned veterans in built racecars are welcome! Many familiar West Coast autocrossers have already registered; Registration closes in one week, so don’t wait to sign up!

There will be practice sessions for all and two timed competition sessions. SCCA is also doing something new, called “Tracksprint”: point-to-point sector timing on the track, from a standing start, in configurations not typically seen in normal track driving. Similar to an autocross, you will get three attempts at the Tracksprint for your best time.

The fun doesn’t stop once on-track sessions are done! There will be welcome parties with food and beverages Friday and Saturday night; breakfast and lunch will be available during the day. Camping is available and encouraged, with RV hookups available.

Check out the schedule and sign up here.
Nervous for your ride? Hagerty offers on-track insurance for a low price, so your car AND your mods will be covered.
Questions? Visit the Time Trials webpage for more information.

We hope to see some of you out there!

After all that, there’s the Crows Landing Championship Tour to think about! As of the time of this writing, we’re at 123 drivers registered, and hope to see that number jump in the next few weeks.

This season has started off with a bang. Let’s keep that energy going over the next few weeks!

A Note from Our Solo Chief After Round 3


Thank you for coming out for SFR Round 3 at Marina on March 9th. It was an excellent opportunity for some practice in “challenging” conditions! Special thanks to Course Designer Brian Duddy, and Event Chairs Don Lew and Ed Runnion. Also thank you to everyone who helped set up, tear down, and pitch in with extra work as needed.


Round results can be found on the Results Page of the SFR website.


If you haven’t already, please fill out our post-event survey. It’ll take just a few minutes of your time, and your feedback helps us make events better!


Up next are a pair of National-level SCCA events.

First up is the Crows Landing ProSolo on March 29-31. Registration closes in just about two weeks, but don’t wait: register now!

A few weeks after the Pro, on April 26-28, is the Crows Landing Championship Tour and CAM Challenge. Note this will also count as Round 4 for SFR Solo series points, so make sure to register!


Ed Runnion, SFR Solo Chair

A Note From Our Solo Chief after Round 2


Thanks for coming out to SFR Round 2, at Crows Landing, for both the Saturday Test-n-Tune / Starting Line as well as the Sunday points event. I’d like to especially thank the Sports Car Club of America – Fresno Chapter folks who came out to run at Crows Landing! Thanks to course designer Matt Ales for wonderful courses both days. And as always, thanks for our event chairs both Saturday TnT (Justin Tsang and Mack Tsang) and Sunday (Jimmy Au-Yeung and Megan Francavilla Anderson).


Up next is SFR Round 3 at Marina on Saturday March 9th. Click here to register!

Later in March, SFR is hosting the Crows Landing ProSolo with the SCCA National Office on March 29-31. Find out more about the ProSolo and register here.

THANKS and see you out at our next events!

Ed Runnion, SFR Solo Chair